Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bone Art

I hike & walk a lot. I have two overgrown (couch potato) pups that go with me on my nature travels. While wandering the great outdoors, I usually come across some pretty fascinating, odd, useful, and sometimes gross things.

I'm an avid believer in holding onto, and eventually reusing items. My wife, on several occasions has proclaimed her dislike to my collecting things and having them stashed around the house, for future use of course. Lucky for me though, she has not yet said a word about my animal bone collection. I'm glad too, because I really enjoy creating works of art from this collection.

I believe in giving respect to all creatures. Many of the deer bones I find are left behind to rot; most local hunters discard a majority of the usable parts by cutting off the hind quarters and back straps, then dumping the remaining parts of the animal (meat, hide, bones). By creating art pieces such as this, I'm honoring the spirit of the animal while giving it another purpose. I see it as giving them a second chance. It is now as if their spirits are guardians over wasteful ignorance. The art pieces themselves are symbols of this guardianship, and the deer spirits newfound life.

To see my latest bone art piece, visit my Frog Song Art Studio at Etsy.

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